6 sentences with 'fired'

Example sentences and phrases with the word fired and other words derived from it.

« After only four months, he was fired. »
« About 50 shots were fired, shattering glass and shutters. It was a true miracle that no one was hurt. »
« After the Russian defeat, 100,000 workers tried to petition the tsar for better wages, better food prices and an end to official censorship. Troops fired on the crowd, which was unarmed, triggering a wave of strikes across the country. »
« Near the end of the third day, Private Bradish and four of his friends were in a Bradley fighting vehicle. Suddenly an Iraqi tank appeared and fired a shell that pierced the Bradley, causing damage to the interior and wounding all five occupants. »
« Between $150,000 and $200,000 in cash passed through North's office from late 1984 until November 1986, when the President fired him. »
« When the wife discovered the truth, she was furious; not because he had been fired from his job, but because her husband had not told her. »
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