8 sentences with 'firefighters'

Example sentences and phrases with the word firefighters and other words derived from it.

« 9:38 A.M. The two firefighters watching the fire from the command vehicle looked at their watches. »
« 4:45 p.m. Yates and the firefighters, on their way down, passed by a huge slab, which a boulder »
« Two volunteer firefighters stood by his side, ready to pull him up the instant the boulder lifted. »
« The firefighters leaned a ladder against the wooden structure, and 26-year-old Marcus Reddick climbed up ten feet to the third floor. »
« An hour later, a paramedic notified the firefighters that Marcus' condition was near brain death, and would likely get worse. »
« If the police or firefighters don't arrive... we will die. »
« The time is 9:44. The firefighters look for another way and manage to reach the building. »
« Police finally arrive on the scene, and firefighters finally move in. »

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