9 sentences with 'members'

Example sentences and phrases with the word members and other words derived from it.

« The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds of Great Britain, an organization with nearly 900,000 members and headed by Queen Elizabeth II, allocated more than 30,000 pounds sterling to fight the project. »
« He realized that some members of the medical board were as determined as he was to find a solution that would prolong Sarah's life. But he also saw, with absolute clarity, that the girl was beyond experimentation. »
« Thirty dreadful minutes passed. Suddenly, one of the members of the emergency medical team announced, "The boy is coming around! - At last the heart rhythm was restored. »
« The brigade called other gang members to a meeting and warned them: »
« An informant's tip-off led to the timely arrest of gang members who, armed with guns, were on their way to kill members of a rival gang. »
« The members of Squad One took their places in the truck (Don Beahm at the wheel, Wes Loucks at his side, in charge of the radio, and, in the rear, Bruce Thompson and Daniel Hershey) and went to the scene along with four pumper trucks, two ladder trucks and an ambulance. »
« A month later, the four members of Brigade One were each awarded medals for their bravery. »
« On January 1, 1885, many members of the Ford family went to Greenfield, a town adjacent to Dearborn, to welcome the New Year at a country inn. »
« Of the other crew members, the only clue they got was gleaned from the book itself: the names of two towns and a state: Fort Worth, Texas, Oakland, California, and New Jersey. »

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