6 sentences with 'member'

Example sentences and phrases with the word member and other words derived from it.

« As a long-time member of the SEO, he decided to expose his idea there. »
« Freddie Cardoza, a gang member who was only 24 years old but had already been convicted of felonies 15 times, was caught in the street fiddling with a nine millimeter bullet cartridge. »
« John Davis, a young member of the sales department, experienced this "psychotherapy" firsthand in the early 1920s when he convinced Edsel that new offices were needed to accommodate, among others, the company's accounting staff. »
« Carotenes are each member of the group of pigments (of plant or animal origin) that are red, orange or yellow in colour. »
« Vladimir Obruchev, a member of the former Soviet Academy of Sciences, conducted deep underwater surveys in the northern part of the Atlantic and sonar described the remains of an ancient maritime civilisation beneath the silt. »
« Treholt was appointed, at the end of 1978, a member of the Norwegian delegation to the UN. »

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