6 sentences with 'quite'

Example sentences and phrases with the word quite and other words derived from it.

« "Dealing with that complex situation was quite an accomplishment in my career," says Ms. Gorkis. »
« Some people drink alcohol only a few times a year, while others drink alcohol quite frequently, without becoming drunk, and never more than one or two drinks. These cases are not problematic. »
« Meanwhile, farmers have always worked incredibly hard for very long hours; in many parts of the ancient world, there were groups of people who remained hunter-gatherers despite their knowledge of agriculture, and it is quite possible that they did so because they saw no particular advantage in adopting agriculture. »
« Until that time, Egyptian technology, especially in terms of metallurgy, was quite primitive. »
« As noted above, the kingdom itself was quite wealthy, thanks to its good position on the trade routes and the existence of gold mines, but Solomon's continual fiscal and labour demands were such that in time resentment developed among the Hebrews. »
« It is quite possible that, despite this victory, the Greeks would still have been overwhelmed by the Persians had it not been for the setbacks in Persia and its empire. »

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