6 sentences with 'quick'

Example sentences and phrases with the word quick and other words derived from it.

« It was a quick procedure, and I was assured that Dr. Russo or Cathy would call me on Thursday to give me the results. »
« "We don't want to hurt you, boy," Yates assured him. "We'll try to make it quick." »
« Philip II was the classic Macedonian leader: shrewd, skilled in battle and quick to reward loyalty or punish sedition. »
« The Celts lived in fortified villages and were as quick to raid as they were to trade with their neighbours. »
« Other states were quick to follow once the enormous African and Indian wealth was revealed through Portuguese trade, and soon the Dutch and then the English began to take over the Portuguese oceanic trade routes. »
« Each of them ascended the throne in a fairly quick succession after his death in 1547; under Edward and Mary (both of whom died of natural causes after only a few years), the kingdom oscillated between a more extreme form of Protestantism and then an attempted Catholic revival. »

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