16 sentences with 'that'

Example sentences and phrases with the word that and other words derived from it.

« It is a killer that claims almost as many lives each year as breast cancer. »
« I began to think that, until a few minutes ago, I had considered myself a reasonably healthy man. »
« How I wish I had been at home at that moment! »
« After declaring that the publicity stunt had been a "tremendous mistake," Murdoch fired Chao. »
« In 1990 it was discovered that the elite at Stanford University were charging taxpayers for expenses that had nothing to do with government-sponsored research. »
« After acknowledging that government funds had been used to cover "indirect research costs," including expenses for napkins, tablecloths and a dinner held at his residence, he declared: »
« Experts generally agree that this catastrophe was man-made, but when Carlos pleaded with park authorities to take action, he was met with a wall of indifference. »
« I realized that if I wanted the bird refuge to survive, I had to do something." »
« As if that were not enough, harsh laws have been enacted to restrict land use and to protect the flora and fauna. »
« Hence, many of them, believing that oral contraceptives cause weight gain, still see them as a threat to their silhouette. »
« Because they do not know that modern oral contraceptives have a low hormonal dose and therefore do not change the organic balance. »
« And that is why they no longer cause weight gain, hair growth or other side effects. »
« However, Hana insisted that it was very important for her to talk to him, so she set to work to bring something to the meeting. »
« To encourage her, I told her that Michener liked to write about animals, and I read her passages about Diplodocus, the dinosaur, from Centennial ("The Saga of the Colorado"), and about Jimmy, the crab, from Chesapeake ("Chesapeake Bay"). »
« Michener had heard that the talented student had had to leave school to work, and he seemed happy to have been able to help the young man resume his studies. »
« In the attached letter he explained that, if he had not carried that book in his pocket during a certain battle, he would have died. »

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