6 sentences with 'thatched'

Example sentences and phrases with the word thatched and other words derived from it.

« Inside the two-room thatched wooden shack, five of the girl's seven siblings were also sleeping, huddled on mats. »
« As soon as he landed on the rugged runway in this arid region, whose inhabitants live in thatched huts, he set about treating the torrent of refugees from Sudan's civil war. »
« Villagers protect thatched roofs from the voracity of camels by using thorns, but this is not always a guarantee: camels have often been seen swallowing acacia branches completely covered with thorns so hard they could pierce the sole of a shoe. »
« Straw thatched roofs and adobe and unplastered walls are a refuge for animals harmful to humans (rats, spiders, vinchucas, etc.). »
« A few seconds later we spotted from the plane an incredibly small greyish clearing, and then the village of Kwamalasamutu, some 80 thatched huts nestled next to a chocolate-coloured river. »
« The Spanish were the first to give them this name, meaning "town" or "village", because they lived in villages or hamlets of permanent stone and mud buildings with thatched roofs. »
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