8 sentences with 'liberty'

Example sentences and phrases with the word liberty and other words derived from it.

« He had only been at liberty for three weeks and had gone to the Red Cross for help. »
« On the other hand, many French citizens realised only too well that the values that the French Fourth Republic supposedly stood for - liberty, equality and fraternity - were precisely what the native people of Algeria had been denied since it was conquered by France during the restoration of the monarchy under the Bourbons in the early 19th century. »
« Foreseeing the subsequent collapse of communism, Marshall declared: "Tyranny must inevitably recoil before the tremendous moral force of the gospel of liberty and respect for the individual. We must recognise that these democratic principles do not flourish on empty stomachs". »
« To secure the benefits of liberty for ourselves, for our posterity and for all men of the world who wish to inhabit Argentine soil...". »
« The authors of the national Constitution established, in Article 19, the defence of personal liberty, declaring that the private actions of men, as long as they do not harm others, are only reserved to the judgement of God. »
« This article of the Constitution mentions important practical applications of the principle of personal liberty, such as the right to work and to exercise any lawful industry. »
« That all liberty must be exercised within the order that society needs to avoid abuses. »
« American democracy was the example to follow as a real form of government capable of guaranteeing the ideas of liberty for which they had fought. »
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