10 sentences with 'liberalism'

Example sentences and phrases with the word liberalism and other words derived from it.

« In debates with his friend and patron Alexis de Tocqueville, one of the leading intellectual voices of liberalism, Gobineau claimed that he was merely describing reality by pointing out that some people were racially superior to others. »
« Many of them supported another doctrine that had spread in the Napoleonic wars: liberalism. »
« The ideas of liberalism were based on the Enlightenment concepts of reason, rationality and progress from the 18th century onwards, but as a movement liberalism came of age in the post-Napoleonic period; the word itself was in regular use by 1830. »
« In July 1830, angered by the growing strength of liberalism, Charles X disenfranchised most of those who had been allowed to vote and further restricted freedom of the press. »
« The irony of Louis Philippe's "July Monarchy" is that it demonstrated some of the limitations of the liberalism of the time. The electorate was very small, composed of the wealthy (both nobles and bourgeois). »
« Likewise, the very fact that conservative monarchies accepted the need for written constitutions, and the definitive end of the old feudal obligations of peasants in areas where these still existed, were marked steps towards liberalism. »
« What had changed since the dawn of the 19th century, however, was the growth of liberalism. It was a short and logical step from the assertion that "all men are equal" to "all people are equal", and indeed some women (such as Wollstonecraft) had made that point very vocally in the early liberal movements around the time of the French Revolution. »
« World War I provided the trauma, bloodshed and scepticism towards liberalism and socialism that underpinned the rise of fascism. »
« Jews had invented communism, capitalism, pacifism, liberalism, democracy - everything that supposedly weakened Germany from Hitler's perspective. »
« Finally, the British Labour Party was in disarray, divided between its still genuine socialist left and a new, more moderate reform movement that wanted to abandon socialist rhetoric in favour of straightforward liberalism. »
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