6 sentences with 'penetrated'

Example sentences and phrases with the word penetrated and other words derived from it.

« the nail had penetrated the heart, so that there was bleeding between the organ and the membrane that surrounds it, the pericardium. »
« On the night of January 14, 1983, a volley of bullets penetrated Patricia Lewis' house, through the front door and the living room and kitchen windows. »
« Belgrano penetrated the Upper Peruvian provinces, but between October and November he was successively defeated by Brigadier Pezuela at Vilcapugio and Ayohuma. These defeats derailed the second Rioplatense entry into Upper Peru and forced Belgrano to retreat. »
« One of Bolívar's officers, Antonio José de Sucre, triumphed on 9 December 1824 at Ayacucho, where Viceroy La Serna capitulated with his entire army. Sucre immediately penetrated into Upper Peru and occupied it. »
« When practically all the eastern territory had been recovered, the River Plate troops penetrated Brazilian soil. They triumphed in battles such as Bacacay, Ombú, Camacuá and Yerbal, and won their most important victory at Ituzaingó, a battle fought by Alvear on 20 February 1827. »
« After returning to Entre Ríos, Urquiza began to cross the Paraná River with the so-called Ejército Grande, made up mostly of people from Entre Ríos and Corrientes. Urquiza dominated Santa Fe and from this province he penetrated into Buenos Aires province. »

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