6 sentences with 'penetrate'

Example sentences and phrases with the word penetrate and other words derived from it.

« Alpha radioactive particles, because of their relatively large mass, can be stopped even by a sheet of paper and usually cannot penetrate the outer layer of dead skin cells. »
« Beta radioactive particles can penetrate about one centimetre into tissues, and damage can occur to the skin but not to internal organs, unless ingested or breathed in. »
« From then on, and from there, the troops of the Viceroy of Peru tried repeatedly to penetrate the current Argentinean territory, but they were prevented from doing so by the tenacious and intelligent defensive action opposed by Güemes. For six years and until his death in 1821, this distinguished man from Salta managed to successfully confront the enemy, now commanded by José de La Serna. »
« San Martín travelled to Buenos Aires to ask for help for the expedition to Peru and to make sure that at the right moment the Army of the North would penetrate into Upper Peru in order to carry out the planned liberation plan. »
« We then penetrate imaginatively even deeper into a layer of compact rocks, beneath which we find a fiery, pasty material: magma. We will be in the 2 900 km thick barisphere, with its very high temperatures. »
« Worms and earthworms, which penetrate the soil in all directions, ingest clods of earth from which they extract their food and excrete their waste near the surface. This facilitates aeration and promotes the exchange of substances between the different layers of soil. »

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