6 sentences with 'refused'

Example sentences and phrases with the word refused and other words derived from it.

« The young woman refused, not because she didn't want to, but because she believed that marriage was not for her. »
« That's why I refused to do interviews in such circumstances, and used other means to communicate the sadness of the story. »
« When Henry Ford was told that his son was dying, he refused to believe it. »
« This society, the United States of America, refused, in a way that aroused scandal, to heed Marx or Lenin. »
« Would it not be better to reinstate the old system there? Mr. Fitweiler flatly refused: he had the utmost confidence in the new ideas Mrs. Barrows had implemented. »
« In the case of the city of Thebes, for example, Alexander the Great let the Thebans know that by rebelling they had signed their own death warrant and refused to accept their surrender, sacking the city and slaughtering thousands of its inhabitants as a warning to the rest of Greece. »
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