6 sentences with 'refugees'

Example sentences and phrases with the word refugees and other words derived from it.

« A large group of refugees, mainly Romanians, boarded the vehicles with all their belongings. »
« Smoke starts pouring out of the skylights, along with the refugees. »
« Flooded with Calvinist refugees from the south, the Dutch Republic became staunchly Protestant and a strong ally of Anglican England. »
« Thousands of Belgian refugees fled to Britain, where they were (to the credit of the British government and civilians) welcomed and housed. »
« In Europe, refugees fleeing the Middle East (and to a lesser extent Africa) in search of stability and the infinitely greater opportunities available to them abroad have led to a resurgence of far-right and, in many cases, openly neo-fascist politics. »
« In the 1940s, the Orthodox faith spread in Lutheran Finland thanks to refugees from Karelia, which strengthened the existing small Orthodox congregations. »

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