6 sentences with 'sector'

Example sentences and phrases with the word sector and other words derived from it.

« Domestic service was the largest sector of employment in 19th century Britain, but economic thinkers (even communists like the great theorist Karl Marx) routinely ignored servants - they were taken for granted and were effectively invisible, replaceable when injured or ill, and paid so little that they were only a minor item in the household budget. »
« Instead, centre-left parties became the custodians of the welfare state while belatedly joining the centre-right in favour of the market economy in the private sector. »
« While working for the government, North accepted a gift (a home security system worth $13800) from his partner in the Iran-Contra affair, retired Air Force General Richard Secord, who was then working in the private sector. »
« In the central sector of the painted cloth, which corresponds to the Earth, there is a figure of a woman walking with a staff, followed by three maidens. »
« Through these analyses they were able to establish that there were 133 types of mitochondrial DNA in the group, that the African sector possessed the widest variety of this DNA and that, therefore, it could be inferred that Africans would be the oldest group on earth, the cradle of humanity. And of course, direct relatives of old Lucy. »
« Sponsor boycotts, direct protests, written complaints and other forms of pressure within the private sector are far more effective than new government regulation. »

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