5 sentences with 'sects'

Example sentences and phrases with the word sects and other words derived from it.

« Diocletian therefore went after the sects he thought threatened stability, including Christianity. »
« Finally, especially in Byzantine territories, high taxes and ongoing struggles between the official orthodox form of Christianity and various other Christian sects led many Byzantine citizens to welcome their new Arab rulers; taxes were often lowered and the Arabs were indifferent to the variety of Christians their new subjects had. »
« In time, various sects of Christianity survived in Muslim lands that faded into kingdoms that were officially and rigidly Christian. »
« Moreover, while actual wars between Protestant sects were rare (the English Civil War of the 16th century was exceptional), the different Protestant groups tended to detest each other. »
« In the USA, where freedom of worship is absolute, demonic sects are growing day by day and are suspected of many ritual crimes in which the victims' organs and blood, which are essential to their liturgy, are removed. »
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