6 sentences with 'recent'

Example sentences and phrases with the word recent and other words derived from it.

« The islets are the promontories that were not covered by lava from the most recent eruptions. »
« According to a recent study, in cases requiring long-term treatment, omeprazole alone or in combination with cisapride (Prepulsid) is more effective than ranitidine (Azantac) or cisapride alone in preventing relapse. »
« In recent years, the practice of a therapeutic technique called biofeedback has also intensified. »
« This has been explained in a recent work by sociologist Alejandro Lafleur, who pointed out, however, the knowledge of those ancient Greeks about the ferocious consequences of alcoholism, as can be seen in Euripides' drama The Bacchae. »
« A recent experiment conducted by Dr Maria Fiattarone of Harvard Medical School can clearly illustrate this. »
« A recent study of 6,000 middle-aged men in the United States found that those who ate fish almost every day were 36 per cent less likely to die of heart disease. »
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