9 sentences with 'reception'

Example sentences and phrases with the word reception and other words derived from it.

« For example, the purchase of a 22-meter yacht, and a reception in honor of the chancellor's new wife, Donald Kennedy. »
« During a special reception in the days of that reunion, his students presented Suzanne Kelly with a bracelet. »
« Too bad we couldn't talk a little longer; but there was that reception upstairs. »
« At the reception, Miss Rosenberg and I (but now it was Shelly, and please call me Jack) only had time to register the circumstance that I was in Buffalo and she had left Chicago to teach in Boston. »
« Much of the impetus behind not only the existentialists' current theories, but their popular reception, was the widespread desire for a better and more "authentic" social existence after the carnage of war. Appropriately, existentialism had its heyday from 1945 to about 1960. »
« Part of the explanation for the fertile reception of radical thought - including Marxism, which remained highly influential - was a simple generational clash between members of the generation that had survived the Second World War and the children of that generation: the baby boomers. »
« -Hello! I'm Chuck Roberts," he introduced himself in an animated tone. Ulving, who was standing near the reception desk, said his name too and then introduced him to Jan Olsen. »
« Behind the reception desk, in the room where the safe deposit box was, Walker opened the briefcase in which he was carrying the money. »
« At the reception afterwards, we were perplexed, as everyone commented on how much fun they had had during the theatre performance. »

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