7 sentences with 'sceptical'

Example sentences and phrases with the word sceptical and other words derived from it.

« So much so that certain travel guides for the soul, as some sceptical observers have defined them, were made up. These were nothing more than teachings that became known in the West as the Egyptian and Tibetan Books of the Dead. »
« Pascal applied a similarly sceptical view to the existing governments of his time. He noted that "We see neither justice nor injustice that does not change its nature with the change of climate. Three degrees of latitude reverse all jurisprudence; a meridian decides the truth. Fundamental laws change after a few years of possession? A strange justice that is limited by a river! Truth on this side of the Pyrenees, error on the other side". »
« The traditional elites who dominated the restored French monarchy were deeply sceptical of British-style commercial and industrial innovations. »
« Unlike his rival Louis Blanc, Proudhon was sceptical of the state's ability to bring about meaningful reform, and after the failure of the French revolution of 1848 came to believe that all state power was inherently oppressive. »
« Bakunin was deeply sceptical of both the industrial working class, which he believed all wanted to be middle class, and of Western Europe, which was full of individualism, selfishness and an obsession with wealth. »
« Bismarck became very adept at manipulating nationalist passions to inflame popular support for the Prussian wars, but he was personally deeply sceptical about the "national spirit" that animated the need for unification. »
« That civilisation emerged from the First World War, from four years of bloodshed, economically shattered, politically disunited, and in many ways sceptical of the possibility of further progress. It was in this uncertain context that the most destructive political philosophy in modern history emerged: fascism, and its even more horrific offshoot, Nazism. »

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