7 sentences with 'scepticism'

Example sentences and phrases with the word scepticism and other words derived from it.

« In other words, scientific advances inadvertently led to the growth of scepticism about religion, sometimes to outright atheism - the rejection of the very idea of God's existence. »
« The other side of scepticism was a kind of cynical version of religious belief that dispensed with the emotional connection to God and reduced it to a simple act of spiritual insurance: the French mathematician Blaise Pascal (1623 - 1662), inventor of the field of probability, postulated "Pascal's Wager". »
« In general, philosophers tended to openly attack the most egregious injustices they perceived in royal governments and organised churches, but at the same time their scepticism about the intellectual capacities of ordinary people was such that almost none of them advocated a political system other than a better, more rational version of monarchy. »
« Modernism was a movement of scepticism directed towards the post-Victorian middle class, a revision of the whole legacy of comfort, security, paranoia, rigidity and hierarchy. »
« World War I provided the trauma, bloodshed and scepticism towards liberalism and socialism that underpinned the rise of fascism. »
« Jews continue to wonder how God allowed something as horrific as the Holocaust, and this can lead to scepticism about the power of prayer. »
« His great discovery was greeted with cold scepticism, and the chairman of the meeting, theoretical physicist John Taylor, questioned his interpretation. »

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