5 sentences with 'liturgy'

Example sentences and phrases with the word liturgy and other words derived from it.

« St. Cyril then translated the Greek liturgy into Slavic and used it to teach and convert the inhabitants of Moravia and Bulgaria. »
« From 1050 onwards, perhaps 1% of the population could read, most of whom were priests, some of whom could only stumble through the Latin liturgy without fully understanding it. »
« In 1629, after parliament protested, he dismissed it and attempted to rule without reconvening it. He was able to do so until 1636, when he tried to impose a new high church religious liturgy (set of rituals) on Scotland. »
« In the USA, where freedom of worship is absolute, demonic sects are growing day by day and are suspected of many ritual crimes in which the victims' organs and blood, which are essential to their liturgy, are removed. »
« Reminiscent of pagan rites and components of Egyptian and Babylonian cults, the black mass is the ultimate expression of satanic liturgy. It is attended only by initiates, people who have already signed the pact with the powers of hell, presided over by an apostate priest, through whom Lucifer manifests himself. »

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