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Example sentences and phrases with the word gravity and other words derived from it.

« Archimedes discovered the principle of using the displacement of water to calculate the specific gravity of objects, and devised a series of complex war machines used against Roman forces when his home city of Syracuse in Sicily was under attack. »
« Using gravity alone, the Romans could transport water dozens of kilometres, not only in Rome but in other great cities of the Empire. »
« Six years after the book "The Dialogue" was put on the Index of banned books, Galileo published another work, Two New Sciences of Motion and Mechanics, which provided a theory and mathematical formulae of inertia and aspects of gravity. »
« The portion of ore whose specific gravity (density in relation to water) is less than 2.6 - about 99.5 per cent - is brought to the surface and pumped out. By contrast, diamonds, which have a specific gravity of 3.5, sink along with other heavy substances. This mixture, of which only one hundredth is made up of diamonds, is spread out again on conveyor belts. »
« This space-time is not fixed and permanent like the absolute space and time of Newtonian physics, but can be curved by the presence of matter. From this principle, Einstein produced his General Theory of Relativity, which explains the effect of gravity in terms of space-time. »
« He first assumed that after the Big Bang the universe would expand to a certain size and then, after billions of years, gravity would cause it to collapse in on itself, in what might be called the Big Crunch. Time would thus have a beginning and an end. »
« This theory is the first attempt at unification that proposes a role for gravity, which has so far resisted fitting the quantum mould. However, some of its versions require 26 dimensions, demonstrating to mere mortals how far the ideas of cutting-edge physics have drifted from everyday reality. »
« Since ancient times it has been known that a magnetised needle, suspended by its centre of gravity, always points in the same direction. Although this was used by man to orient himself, he never knew the reason or the cause of this phenomenon. »

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