6 sentences with 'patrician'

Example sentences and phrases with the word patrician and other words derived from it.

« There were about a hundred patrician families, descendants of the men Romulus had supposedly appointed to the first senate. »
« Pompey reacted by forming an alliance with Crassus and Julius Caesar, who was a member of an old patrician family. This group of three is known in history as the First Triumvirate. »
« Under the Roman Empire genuine concessions had been made to the common people, especially the soldiers, and the only people who really lost out in the short term were the old elite patrician families, who no longer had political power independent of the emperor (though they certainly retained their wealth and status). »
« Minister Rivadavia promoted the foundation of the charitable society, an institution formed by Buenos Aires patrician women to care for orphans, abandoned children and the health of the female population. »
« Conservative Whigs believed in the rule of a patrician class, a ruling group composed of a small number of privileged families. »
« Washington modeled his behavior on that of the Roman aristocrat Cincinnatus, a representative of the patrician or ruling class, who had also retired from public service in the Roman Republic and returned to his estate to devote himself to agricultural life. »
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