8 sentences with 'unprecedented'

Example sentences and phrases with the word unprecedented and other words derived from it.

« This wealth led to conflicts over its distribution among citizens, which in turn led to some unprecedented political experiments. »
« Although Greek culture enjoyed a period of unprecedented influence during the Hellenistic period, its experiments in rational (not to say democratic) political analysis were not a major component of that influence. »
« The Greek intellectual legacy was enthusiastically taken up by the Romans and combined with unprecedented organisation and engineering on a scale the Greeks had never imagined, not even under Alexander the Great. »
« Gaius Marius was both consul (elected an unprecedented seven times) and general, and used his power to remove the property requirement for membership of the army. This allowed the poor to join the army for nothing more than an oath of allegiance, one they took to their general rather than to the Republic. »
« The initial spread of Islam was due to a huge and unprecedented military campaign, but after that campaign ended the resulting empires and kingdoms entered into a more familiar economic and diplomatic relationship with their respective neighbours. »
« This was an unprecedented development: it was not traditional for a Germanic ruler to proclaim himself king of a different people - how could Charlemagne be "king of the Lombards", since the Lombards were a separate clan and kingdom? »
« Drakkar ships allowed the Vikings unprecedented mobility, being able both to make ocean voyages and to travel up rivers to raid inland communities. »
« Her work was almost unprecedented in its egalitarian vision, anticipating ideas of human universalism that only came of age in the 19th century, and only became dominant views in the 20th century. »

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