7 sentences with 'merely'

Example sentences and phrases with the word merely and other words derived from it.

« Unlike earlier thinkers, Greek scientists sought to understand the workings of the universe on its own terms, not merely giving the details to the will of the gods. »
« In other words, history as written by the Greeks does not merely list facts, but explains the human motivations at work in historical events and phenomena. »
« The Turks were nomadic warriors organised in tribal confederations (the Seljuks were merely the main tribe and not the real rulers during the first wave of migration), effective in warfare but generally poor at establishing stable governments. »
« The Church of England was almost identical to the Catholic Church in its doctrine and rituals, merely substituting the king at its apex and discarding allegiance to the Roman pope. »
« Absolutism contrasted with medieval and Renaissance-era forms of monarchy in which the king was simply first among equals, maintaining a formal feudal authority over his elite nobles, but often being merely their equal, or even inferior, in terms of royal authority and power. »
« In many cases, the Dutch East India Company merely used the promise of protection as a smokescreen to seize complete control of a given area (especially in Indonesia, which eventually became a Dutch colony), while in other areas local rulers remained in political control but lost power over their own spice production and trade. »
« One of the things about his thought that infuriated almost everyone was that Spinoza claimed that there was no such thing as "spirit" or "soul" - the whole universe was merely matter, and the only way to really learn about how it worked was to combine empirical experimentation with mathematics. This "materialism", as it was called at the time, was so close to outright atheism that it was almost indistinguishable. »

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