13 sentences with 'are'

Example sentences and phrases with the word are and other words derived from it.

« Although symptoms are common among older men, many experience them after age 40 and more after age 50. »
« While the tumors are inside the gland, he explained, the situation is controllable. »
« There are two bands of nerve fibers that help control erectile ability, and they both cross the surface of the prostate. »
« Here are some of the causes of the phenomenon: »
« But there are brilliant people who are impatient with slower people and find it impossible to listen. »
« Extralimitation. There are more than a few exceptional intelligences who miss something very simple: that brilliance in one area does not guarantee success in another. »
« "There, you are alone, except for the odd animal wandering through the bushes and thousands and thousands of birds," Carlos says enthusiastically. »
« Only research biologists are allowed to enter much of the park. »
« Things are complicated by land developers. »
« Classic beauty standards are a thing of the past. »
« But in real life the endings are not always happy. »
« -How are your daughters? -He replied, letting me know he didn't want to talk about him anymore. »
« I don't think we are ever so brave as when we stand up straight, look at the sun and laugh. »

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