8 sentences with 'ultimately'

Example sentences and phrases with the word ultimately and other words derived from it.

« Zoroaster claimed that Ahura Mazda was the chief god and would ultimately triumph in the battle against evil, but explained the existence of evil in the world as a result of the struggle against the evil Ahriman. »
« The Peloponnesian War ultimately curbed Athens' imperial ambitions and caused the Greeks to broaden their outlook towards non-Greeks; its effects were as much cultural as political. »
« Many centuries later, Galen of Pergamon, a Greek physician who lived under Roman rule, explained human health in terms of the balance of these four forces (the four "humours" of the body), ultimately developing a medical theory that lasted into the modern era. »
« Regardless of who was ultimately responsible for the assassination, Alexander of Macedon ascended the throne at the age of twenty after the death of his father, and remained loyal to his mother as long as she lived. »
« Constantine was the first Christian emperor, something that had an enormous effect on the history of Europe and, ultimately, the world. »
« For Roman Christians, this presented a huge challenge: if the almighty God had embraced them, why was their empire crumbling? Augustine's answer was that life on earth is not ultimately meaningful. »
« In time, they settled along their trade routes, often invited to establish order by the native Slavs in cities such as Kiev, with the Vikings ultimately being the first core of Russia as a political entity. »
« The medieval agricultural revolution had enormous long-term consequences for peasants and ultimately for European society as a whole, thanks to increased animal power and the effects of crop rotation, existing fields became much more productive. »

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