6 sentences with 'quantities'

Example sentences and phrases with the word quantities and other words derived from it.

« There were huge building projects under her supervision, and it was also under her reign that large quantities of sub-Saharan African goods began to be imported from Nubia: gold, incense, live elephants, panther skins and other forms of wealth. »
« For example, while the use of iron became increasingly common from 1100 BC onwards, the later Egyptian kingdoms did not use large quantities of iron tools until the 7th century BC, five centuries after the Iron Age began. »
« Salt is corrosive to human tissue in large quantities, and exposure meant that a slave would die horribly over time. »
« Huge quantities of Greek statues and art were shipped to Rome as part of the spoils of war, having an immediate impact on Roman taste. »
« Once the Spanish discovered the vast silver deposits of South and Central America in the early 16th century, gigantic quantities of silver bullion flowed from Europe to the Ottoman and Safavid economies, most of it en route to India and points further east. »
« By 1533, Spanish forces were in control of the empire and began shipping huge quantities of gold bullion to Spain. »

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