9 sentences with 'filled'

Example sentences and phrases with the word filled and other words derived from it.

« He drew two peanut-sized globules and filled them in. The globules, he said, represented the tumors. »
« My eyes then filled with tears. »
« It was wonderful not to have to see the tubes, not to have to see the bloody fluid that filled them from time to time. »
« The pericardium was bulging, filled with blood that looked dark because of its low oxygen content. »
« They quickly filled the operative field with compresses, covered it with towels and carefully turned the inert body over. »
« Then, the notes of a joyful carol filled the room. »
« Imagining that Santos had been swept there by the current filled me with anguish. »
« Jon's eyes filled with tears as he knew then that the gold medal was for him. »
« He filled it with former soccer players and outright thugs. »

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