8 sentences with 'recruited'

Example sentences and phrases with the word recruited and other words derived from it.

« The pharaohs of the New Kingdom recruited the leaders of the lands they had conquered as puppet kings, surrounded by Egyptian advisors. »
« Alexander the Great maintained the Persian bureaucracy (like the organisation of the satrapies) and recruited thousands of Persian soldiers to join his campaign as his armies moved further east. »
« A soldier recruited in the provinces had to learn Latin, at least enough to receive orders and respond to them. »
« To meet the threat of Persian and Germanic tribes, Diocletian reorganised the Roman army and recruited more soldiers, making it larger than it had ever been. »
« The idea behind the Roman tetrarchy was that minor emperors became major emperors and recruited new minors - this system worked exactly once, when minor emperors under Diocletian and Maximian took power. However, instead of a smooth transition that ushered in a stable new beginning, the Roman Empire was plunged back into civil war. »
« Indeed, by the end of the 4th century AD, many (sometimes even most) of the soldiers in the 'Roman' armies in the western half of the Empire were recruited from Germanic groups. »
« Emperor Leo the Isaurian (r. 717 - 741) used soldiers recruited by thémas (administrative divisions of the Byzantine Empire) to fight Arab sieges of Constantinople and to consolidate control of Anatolia. »
« Most of the warriors were Arabs from Arabia itself, along with Arabs who had settled in Syria and Palestine and were later recruited. A smaller percentage were non-Arabs who converted and joined the armies. »

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