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Example sentences and phrases with the word victors and other words derived from it.

« The old adage that "history is written by the victors" is simply not true: history has left behind mountains of evidence about the lives of those who had access to less personal autonomy than the social elites. These elites did much to write some of the most familiar historical narratives, but these traditional narratives have been subject to sustained criticism for several decades. »
« The victors gave the losers time to gather their dead for a proper burial and peace terms were negotiated. »
« Nothing could have mattered less to the diplomatic representatives present at the Congress of Vienna than the 'national identity' of the people living in the territories that were divided up and distributed like slices of cake to the victors - the inhabitants of north-eastern Italy were now subjects of the Austrian king, the whole of Poland was divided between Russia and Prussia, and Britain remained secure not only in its growing world empire, but in its possession of the whole of Ireland. »
« Instead, the victors deprived the French of their conquests and imposed a modest indemnity, but did not dismember the country. They did, however, redraw the map of Europe. »
« The victors of MaipĂș seized weapons, ensigns, baggage and other elements of the royalist army. They also seized a suitcase belonging to the defeated commander and containing numerous letters. »

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