7 sentences with 'light'

Example sentences and phrases with the word light and other words derived from it.

« Little by little I became aware of light and movement. »
« As a novice driver, the sandy-haired, light brown-eyed youngster proved himself worthy of his parents' trust. »
« The train's light and whistle worked perfectly. Perhaps the car radio prevented the girls from hearing the whistles, or, when they approached the railroad track, the locomotive was so close that they did not see the light because it was too high in relation to the car. »
« The laser discharges the concentrated light energy, many times magnified, onto the tumor and literally evaporates it. »
« Bell and the telephone, Edison and the electric light bulb, the Wright brothers and the airplane.... Henry Ford and his motorized automobile fit perfectly into the pantheon of American hero-inventors.... except that Henry Ford was not the inventor of the automobile. »
« The dog ran as if running were the most graceful and natural thing in the world, as if it made him part of the countryside, the light and the air. »
« Today science is trying to shed light on an area dominated by faith or religious dogma, and to shed light on a historically taboo subject. »

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