8 sentences with 'throwing'

Example sentences and phrases with the word throwing and other words derived from it.

« "Based on a story by Teresa Harris," he read, and then, throwing Cora a smile, he said, "You'll be Teresa. »
« The police kept the youths, who were throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at buildings 18 and 19, at a distance. »
« They soon began throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at the police near the besieged shelter, who defended themselves with water cannons and tear gas canisters. »
« They are throwing firebombs all the time. »
« He appeared to have a map in his hand and, unbelievably, he slapped the Jeep before throwing the map at Terry. Still behind the two cars, Kerr noticed that the Jeep jerked, but no brake lights came on. »
« But when I came home from work that night, I saw my boy throwing the ball into the basketball hoop in front of the overgrown lawn. »
« One child answered: "It keeps people from throwing up when they look at us". »
« We became good friends when we started throwing water balloons from our window at passing tourists. »

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