6 sentences with 'calling'

Example sentences and phrases with the word calling and other words derived from it.

« Cartoonists commented on the announcement with drawings of Ford workers calling out for their limousines, chauffeur and all, as they left the factory. »
« John proposed calling the production company Studio Six. »
« Important intellectual and ideological movements calling for religious tolerance, equality before the law and feminism emerged in the West. »
« His success against the Persians can be partly explained by the fact that the Persian technique of calling up their armies was too slow. »
« Italian nationalist leader Giuseppe Mazzini founded Young Italy in 1831, calling for a "springtime of the peoples" in which the peoples of every "nation" in Europe would overthrow conservative monarchs and assert their sovereignty and independence. That movement would quickly spread beyond Italy: "young" became the word and the idea of nationalism. »
« And, also like the first Napoleon, Louis Napoleon had his power ratified by bypassing the Assembly entirely and calling a plebiscite (the vote of the entire male population) in support of his title, which he won by an overwhelming majority. »

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