8 sentences with 'unconscious'

Example sentences and phrases with the word unconscious and other words derived from it.

« It was a good starting point for Freud, who gradually came to favour the study of unconscious psychic processes with the help of verbalised free association. »
« When the fire chief arrived, Marcus was unconscious and bleeding from his ears. »
« Whereas Klimt sought to capture at least some positive or pleasurable aspects of the human spirit and mind that existed on the unconscious level, Schiele's work almost brutally portrayed the ugliness embedded in his own psyche. »
« According to Freud, the mind was forced to conform to outside social pressure while enslaved to its own unconscious desires (the "urges") that sought unlimited power and pleasure. »
« Ultimately, Freud's most important theories had to do with the nature of the unconscious mind. »
« Was he still alive? He doubted it himself. He had lain unconscious for a long time in that cavern. »
« There is also the theory that the dowser would be any man capable of bringing into play the possibilities of the unconscious by his extreme mental receptivity. »
« Studies in the United States, France and Germany revealed that the unconscious at all times picks up various sounds imperceptible to the human ear and that some of them, as well as certain words, are capable of generating a certain amount of energy in people. »
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