6 sentences with 'personal'

Example sentences and phrases with the word personal and other words derived from it.

« At the end of the meeting, I said I had a personal announcement to make. »
« And over decades of personal observation, I have also seen that the average person makes such mistakes from time to time in life. »
« Generous, well-mannered and kind, he was in personal terms more humane than his father, and possessed all the ingredients necessary for great achievements, except the most important one: independence of spirit. »
« The personal contact between psychoanalyst and patient (either face to face or on the famous couch) is in all cases a basic factor. »
« The idea of the statesman-turned-secret-agent "contains such a ridiculously exaggerated perception of personal position and influence that the court must dismiss the defendant's proffered motives." »
« The 1982 Victor Victoria production was a resounding personal triumph for the actress. »
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