5 sentences with 'thoroughly'

Example sentences and phrases with the word thoroughly and other words derived from it.

« Your blackheads and blackheads will only disappear if you thoroughly treat their main cause: excess oil on your skin. As long as you don't correct this excess, the danger of impurities will always be present. »
« All the lands Julius Caesar invaded were so thoroughly conquered that the descendants of the Celts ended up speaking Latin-based languages, such as French, instead of their native Celtic dialects. »
« The idea spread much faster and more thoroughly than Pope Urban could have hoped; knights from all over Europe responded when the news reached them. »
« However, to his chagrin, Luther watched as some groups who considered themselves Lutheran took his message in directions of which he thoroughly disapproved. »
« Among the survivors of this new extinction, the best endowed were the opportunistic species, which in addition to neutralising this poison - oxygen - learned to use it to burn food thoroughly and thus obtain horrors of energy, a source of motive and thermal power such as no prokaryote had ever had. »

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