7 sentences with 'material'

Example sentences and phrases with the word material and other words derived from it.

« I made sure Margaret read all the material I had gathered on the subject, and I found comfort in remembering something that had happened shortly after I was diagnosed with cancer. »
« The best things in life are not the material things. »
« The genetic material of the virus is then injected into the cell, where the infecting DNA or RNA takes control of cell metabolism: normal protein synthesis is stopped, replicas of the virus nucleic acid are synthesised, and only the proteins that coat the virus are produced. »
« The court eventually found that this material caused immense damage to Norwegian security. »
« Anthony would have remained in obscurity had it not been for a book about him written by Bishop Athanasius, "The Life of Anthony", which celebrated Anthony's rejection of the material world and embrace of divine contemplation. »
« Therefore, according to Augustine of Hippo, all learning was only one facet of material life; useful in its own way, but utterly insignificant in comparison with the need to bare the soul before God and await the second coming of Christ. »
« Overall, the printing press led to a revolutionary increase in the volume of all kinds of written material: in the first fifty years after the invention of the press, more books were printed than had been copied by hand in Europe since the fall of Rome. »

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