6 sentences with 'outlined'

Example sentences and phrases with the word outlined and other words derived from it.

« Two and a half thousand years before Christ, the Greek historian Herodotus outlined a theory that is increasingly relevant today: lever systems and wooden rollers made it possible to move the stone blocks weighing more than 50 tons that form the skeleton of the pyramids. »
« After exhaustive studies, he has outlined the process of a person's death in 7 stages. »
« Gould and Eldredge, of the American Museum of Natural History, outlined a new theory, modifying Darwinism. »
« The make-up will be: eyelids outlined with grey/greenish pencil and dark tan fard. Cheeks: bright red blush. Lips: strawberry red rouge. »
« The document, called the Bill of Rights and Grievances, outlined the unconstitutionality of taxation without representation and trials without jury. »
« His Connecticut Compromise, also known as the Great Compromise, outlined a different bicameral legislature in which the upper house, the Senate, would have equal representation for all states; each state would be represented by two senators elected by the state legislatures. Only the lower house, the House of Representatives, would have proportional representation. »

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