8 sentences with 'once'

Example sentences and phrases with the word once and other words derived from it.

« But once in Baltimore, I felt that my life was in Dr. Walsh's hands. »
« At the end of a beautiful day in the countryside, I got into bed and realized that I had not once thought about the cancer all day. »
« "The lucky person," Michener once told me, "is the one who reads, or listens to music, or contemplates a painting, or has an experience that matches the situation he is living in at the time. »
« He once participated in the filming of a movie: »
« Today, these seven countries (the Seven Asian Dragons), once known as minor producers of costume jewelry and very poor quality toys, are experiencing some of the fastest economic growth in the world, and have leapt from Third World poverty to something very close to First World prosperity. »
« To date, Taiwan has invested about $5 billion in Malaysia, and South Korea, once a large-scale capital importer, is now exporting resources to its less-developed neighbors. »
« Dr. Epstein was once explaining a case to a parent, and a nurse burst into tears. »
« Jon had entered that contest once, but was not selected to compete. »
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