9 sentences with 'unique'

Example sentences and phrases with the word unique and other words derived from it.

« It is results like these that make the pain and hardship that this unique anti-smoking advocate endures worthwhile. »
« As noted above, only Egypt's unique access to the bounty of the Nile provided enough power to make the construction of the great pyramids possible. »
« Likewise, Egypt brought not only wealth but also its unique culture to the surrounding regions, serving as one of the founding elements of Western civilisation as a whole. »
« Greek values translated directly into the unique political order of Greece. »
« A key military development unique to Greece was the phalanx: a unit of spearmen in dense formation, each using his shield to protect the man on his left. »
« From about 600 BCE to 450 BCE, the Spartans were unique in the ancient world in placing total emphasis on a super-elite, and very small, citizenry of warriors. »
« At the same time, the Norse added sails to their unique sailing ships, the drakkar. Sailing ships enabled the Norse to travel quickly across the Baltic and ultimately across the waterways of Europe. »
« Bubonic plague is transmitted by fleas, both those carried by rats and transmitted to humans, and by fleas unique to humans. »
« The old Eurocentric view was that there was something unique about European culture that gave it a competitive advantage in the world. »

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