5 sentences with 'urge'

Example sentences and phrases with the word urge and other words derived from it.

« Whenever you feel the urge to smoke, remember that any tobacco user lives almost seven years less than other people. »
« When I complain about the destructive output of the entertainment industry, my fellow critics urge me to stop worrying; they say it is too easy to overlook. »
« When you are angry or distressed and feel the urge to interrupt, take a sip of water or fold your hands and smile, suggests Kevin Murphy, author of several books on effective listening. You'll find that these simple steps will go a long way toward mastering the situation. »
« They hoped that Gorbachev's government would continue to respond favourably to Western political and moral pressure, and that now is precisely the wrong time for the West to cancel this urge. »
« They had no disciples, and one of the aims of Plotkin's visit was to urge the tribal leaders to assign a young man the task of recording this knowledge before it was lost, an idea he called the 'sorcerer's apprentice programme'. »

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