6 sentences with 'theories'

Example sentences and phrases with the word theories and other words derived from it.

« The theories of the physiologist Walter B. Cannon (1871-1945), who introduced the concept of homeostasis, referring to the self-regulation of the organism through mechanisms based on body humours and fluid balance. Cannon defined "critical levels of stress" as those that would weaken homeostatic mechanisms. »
« The Chinese used their age-old remedies based on the theories of the balance between yin and yang, the rhythm of the seasons and the circulation of energy in the body. »
« In all three cases, the significance of Greek scientists is that they sought to create theories to explain natural phenomena based on what they observed in nature itself. »
« There are many theories about a more cynical explanation for his conversion (most revolve around the fact that Constantine went so far as to plunder the temples of the ancient Roman gods), but regardless of the fact that he used his conversion to help himself to the wealth of the "pagan" temples, he actively supported Christian institutions and empowered Christian officials. Ultimately, his patronage of Christianity expanded dramatically during his lifetime. »
« Gender norms in medieval Europe were based on a combination of centuries-old social traditions, ancient medical theories and biblical norms. »
« Here, Filippo Brunelleschi was unquestionably influenced by a medieval Arab thinker, Ibn al-Haytham, whose Book of Optics established theories of light and the perception of sight that described linear perspective. »

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