6 sentences with 'upside'

Example sentences and phrases with the word upside and other words derived from it.

« The girl was curled upside down and most of her hair was burned off. A thick, blackish scab, full of ugly cracks, covered her back and scalp. »
« When they all entered the mine on that sunny Saturday, September 13, 1986, Dwayne had been upside down for about two hours. »
« In short, my wife made me turn my cards upside down. »
« And, of course, the conservatives had all their suspicions confirmed during the "period of the Terror", when the whole social order of France was turned upside down in the name of a perfect society. »
« Prevention: Never leave a child alone near a bucket full of liquids. Leave buckets upside down when you're done working, and store them out of reach of young children. »
« The history of human progress has been about turning established ideas upside down. »
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