6 sentences with 'northeast'

Example sentences and phrases with the word northeast and other words derived from it.

« That's why I've come to the remote northeast corner of Tasmania, where Robert Canning, a field worker, has agreed to take me to a place frequented by these sarcophiles. »
« To the northeast were the steppes, home to a steppe-dwelling nomadic people called the Scythians, against whom the Persians would fight for centuries (Cyrus himself died in battle against the Scythians in 530 BC. - He was 70 years old at the time). »
« As far as the Romans were concerned, there were only two things beyond these borders: to the north and northeast, endless expanses of inhospitable land and semi-human barbarians like the Germanic tribes, and to the east, the only other civilisation Rome was prepared to recognise: the Persians, ruled first by the Parthians and then by the Sassanids. »
« I knew that a northeast storm, which blew hard for three days, had deposited huge amounts of white sand along the eastern beach, making it a perfect place to camp. »
« A small plane appeared in the sky to the northeast and descended. »
« One of the largest population centres in pre-Columbian America and home to more than 100,000 people at its peak in about 500 CE, Teotihuacan was located about thirty kilometres northeast of modern Mexico City. »
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