8 sentences with 'eastern'

Example sentences and phrases with the word eastern and other words derived from it.

« Thousands of years ago, in the eastern region of the planet, the foundations of two disciplines were born to prevent and heal the ills of the body and the soul: Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. »
« In fact, we get the original term from Greece. Greece is the central point, the eastern Balkan Peninsula was to the east, the western Balkans was to the west, and the Greeks were at the centre of their self-understood world. »
« The first people from the eastern hemisphere since prehistoric times to travel to the western hemisphere (and remain - an ancient Viking colony did not survive) were European explorers who, entirely by accident, "discovered" the Americas in the late 15th century. »
« Mesopotamia, at the eastern end of the Fertile Crescent, was the cradle of Western civilisation. »
« Things were a little different in the other great ancient civilisation of the eastern Mediterranean: Egypt, whose civilisation developed along the banks of the Nile River. »
« There were four main regions along the coasts or near the eastern Mediterranean that were home to the major Bronze Age states: Greece, Anatolia, Canaan and Mesopotamia, and Egypt. »
« While almost all other eastern Mediterranean civilisations were land-based empires, though they traded and travelled by waterways, the Greek civilisations were closely tied to the sea itself. »
« Cyrus II was followed by his son Cambyses II. Cambyses II led the Persian armies westward, conquering both the rich Phoenician cities of the eastern Mediterranean coast and Egypt. »

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