8 sentences with 'where'

Example sentences and phrases with the word where and other words derived from it.

« In many cases where the nerves are spared, patients regain potency. »
« He then asked me where I intended to have the operation. »
« Shortly before Jim got to the part where Erny goes to school, the phone rang. »
« He visited many places where war events took place and participated in numerous events on behalf of the commission. »
« Even in Hong Kong, where the prospect of coming under Chinese rule in 1997 is causing jitters, five percent growth is forecast. »
« "Instead of attracting workers to where the capital and equipment are, they go to where the workers are," explains Professor Edward Chen of the University of Hong Kong's Centre for Asian Studies. »
« Whether you want to move up in the company where you currently work, or look for a better job outside of it, these seven steps will help you reach your goal. With persistence and common sense, you may find your next promotion just around the corner. »
« Marlee's room, where a gentle clutter of sheet music and family photos reigns, has been kept untouched since she died. »
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