7 sentences with 'cases'

Example sentences and phrases with the word cases and other words derived from it.

« In many cases where the nerves are spared, patients regain potency. »
« But in a certain percentage of cases, incontinence and impotence occur a few months after treatment, and when that happens, the damage may be irreversible. »
« Various medical cases were presented and discussed, and treatments were proposed. Some of these were experimental and had been tried only on adults. »
« According to a recent study, in cases requiring long-term treatment, omeprazole alone or in combination with cisapride (Prepulsid) is more effective than ranitidine (Azantac) or cisapride alone in preventing relapse. »
« The important thing in all cases is to know that there are different types of alcohol drinkers. »
« One of the earliest known cases of drunkenness in human history was that of Noah, who after leaving the Ark "turned to tillage and planted a vineyard", whose wine he drank in drunkenness and involuntarily showed himself to be naked. »
« The physician in all cases was also a sorcerer: mysticism and reason were combined when it came to treatment. »

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