7 sentences with 'necessary'

Example sentences and phrases with the word necessary and other words derived from it.

« The 72-bed Tahoe Forest Hospital did not have the equipment necessary for heart surgery. »
« If necessary, they would also question his wife and neighbors to make sure that he was not squandering his share of Ford's profits on extravagance and disorderly living. »
« Before undertaking any discipline, a complete medical check-up is necessary to determine what kind of gymnastics can be practised. »
« Physical exercise should and can be practised at any age. It is only necessary to comply with certain basic premises; the rest is up to each individual. »
« It is necessary to work on muscle strengthening. »
« The necessary protein synthesis takes place in every organ of a living being. »
« Progesterone is necessary for the healthy functioning of the female reproductive system. »

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