8 sentences with 'goods'

Example sentences and phrases with the word goods and other words derived from it.

« Some innovators, such as Isaac Singer, Cirus Hall McCormick and Samuel Colt, mass-produced their goods with a system that fit the term "processing line. »
« Both states also encouraged trade, and goods were exchanged throughout the Middle East region. »
« There is even evidence that the Hittites enacted the world's first embargo on shipping and goods against the Mycenaeans in retaliation for the latter's meddling in Hittite affairs. »
« Foreign trade was in the service of providing luxury goods to this elite social class, a class that was never politically united but shared a common culture of warrior kings and their armed retinues. »
« In time, foreign-made goods and cultural contacts began to flow back into Greece. »
« Women who did not belong to the elite had more freedom in the sense that they had to work, so they often sold goods in the market or helped to run the shops. »
« Skilled craftsmen produced high quality goods for sale in an empire-wide market, and better-off citizens had access to quality tools, crockery, bedding, etc., many of which had been manufactured hundreds of miles away. »
« During that time, Constantinople was one of the largest and most remarkable cities on the planet, with half a million people and trading goods and visitors from as far away as Scandinavia, Africa and England. »

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